Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grave Digger & The Box Turtle

I take the same back road to work every morning, to avoid the red lights and traffic. Plus, it's a nice shady path through a little patch of woods, near Guntersville Lake. I always see some sort of critter, and it makes my day. One morning I had stopped for a croissant and had the pleasure of sharing a bit of it with a chipmunk.

On this fine, HOT morning I came upon a box turtle. He was in quite a hurry, crossing the street. I stopped and watched him. I guess I assume it was a him because he was muddy, and obviously only a male turtle would be dirty? I know this is preposterous. I had Crash, a female red eared slider, for years. She was one gross little creature. Anyhow, I stopped and observed his straight path, hoping he reached his destination before anyone else meandered through.

Meanwhile a white FREAKING MONSTER TRUCK pulled up to the 4-way stop ahead.(I hate BIG BUTT vehicles. No, Bubba, you do NOT need a hummer to get to and from Starbucks everyday!) No turn signal. He was coming straight. I thought perhaps Mr. Turtle here might stop traveling so speedily and up his chance of getting squished. A lot of turtles meet their Maker here by the lake. I couldn't have that. He looked like he was making pretty good time, so I didn't get out, but I was prepared to intercede.

I flipped on my emergency flashers, hoping to catch the eye of Grave Digger there. He slowed down as he neared my Jeep, stopped and joined me in watching said reptile make his way safely into the grass. Bubba nodded and grinned as we went our separate ways.

This was the beginning of a lovely day.


  1. I like how you determined the sex of mr turtle...

    it makes sense, it really does.

    HAHAHAHAHA...I beat Ari.

    shes been first lately...and I cant have any more of that.

  2. I was so nervous that this was going to end badly - I always expect the worst from drivers of obnoxiously big vehicles, so I am so glad this ended well.

  3. I'm finally making an appearance....there's always today's post...I'll be first today....:)

    That's awesome about big truck dude! I completely forgot to tell you about Matthias and the was awesome!


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