Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Done. Finished.

Well, love. Vacation is now officially over. Done. Finished. My heart aches because of it. Never before have I wished to stay at a beach riddled with tourists, all running around like palmetto bugs on a cool, shady sidewalk. A semi-private beach is somehow less commercial. It was packed, but completely beautiful.

The whole week rocked. I snorkeled for the first time, meeting a plethora of hermit crabs, that inhabited humble little homes, stolen from their previous tenants. My sister and I were not big fans of walking in that shag carpet, otherwise known as kelp, but it was worth it.

We(my husband: Todd, my sister: Jenni, her boyfriend: Rob, and myself) visited the perfect little community of Seaside. You know. That place from The Truman Show. It was an obsessive compulsive's dream! That beach was also quite beautiful. We know, because we were SUCH tourists!

We took to the deep sea in a sail boat/pirate ship with Captain Rex, where we saw a family of bottle-nosed dolphins. One group traveled closely alongside our boat, putting on a show. There was even a baby that proudly rolled and flipped, showing off his pink underside. Unfortunately our camera had been placed below deck for the rougher portion of the excursion, which included the dolphin sightings. :(

My sand piper husband got bumped up to a bobbing ocean dweller! He actually waded into the water and stayed there! We watched for jelly fish and sported our dorky goggles to watch the little fishes that swam all about the kelp. He also became the beloved subject of most of my photos, much to his chagrin.

On the evening of the 4Th, we stretched out on Mirimar's cool, sandy beach, under the stars, watching drunken amateurs shoot off Chinese pyrotechnics. All of this under close observance of local law enforcement. It was truly a sight to behold. A little nerve racking, but overall a thorough celebration of our independence.

Coming home was bittersweet. Work is mostly bitter, but I plan to adjust. I will make it through the week, here at my office, solely due to a lovely coworker. While I was frolicking on the beach, she was doing ungratifying portions of my job, and making a to do list for me. This might not sound great to you, but I could just kiss her!

Have I mentioned how I ADORE lists? They make my heart go pitter pat. Seriously. Lists are the thread that keep my pretty little head sewed on tightly.


  1. I absolutely dread the first week of work after coming off a vacation.

    nice pictures though! looks beautiful out there.

  2. how does he always beat me here?! nonetheless, wonderful pictures! the sandpiper's hair is getting long!

  3. Matt-It was absolutley gorgeous. I'm functioning half heartedly, but functioning.

    Ari-He's fast!

    Todd upgraded to a bobbing sea dweller, remember? It is getting long. This was my goal-to get him to deal with it long enough for it to look decent, and see if he liked it. I knew he would.

    Now I just have to get him to a salon and let them Depp him. That's what he's going after. He likes his long hair.

    Man crush.

  4. Those pictures are amazing! I would love to go there!

  5. Lauren-It was very beautiful.

    We lived further down the panhandle, when I was a kid. I don't recall it being nearly this gorgeous.

    The gulf is just another world.

  6. Do you have a gmail address? Google has this feature where you can put feeds to all the blogs you regularly read and it pops up on your "reader" without you having to actually visit the site


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