Friday, June 20, 2008


Ari tagged me to make a list, which I adore. However, it is a list of quirks. Six to be exact. This is going to involve an elimination process.

1.) I absolutely adore making lists! One down. Five to go.

2.) My toenails, at any given time, are most likely painted heather purple.
mountian heather

3.) I have frequent nightmares about living things being cut right down the middle!(Is this too weird to tell?! I can't help it. It's a dream!)It's horrifying, but not messy. I don't see it happen. I just find them in half! Last night it was my bunny-Pacha..very upsetting.

4.) I have a thing for otters. If I could be any animal-that's what I would be, and I would harass crocodiles on a daily basis, and sleep while holding hands.
Cute Otter

5.) I say my favorite color is purple, but it's really green. I don't know why.

6.) I love shoulder shoulder blades. They're sexy.

Now that you have a mild idea of how strange I really am, will you still love me?!^__^


  1. hehehe! Pancha is so cute!

  2. Pacha, like from Emporer's New Groove. :)


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