Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I understand

How many times have we all said, "I understand" without having a clue? Today, my co-worker left in a mad rush to fetch her elderly mother, and transport her to a nearby doctor's office. Feeling helpless, I did the most powerful thing I could do. I prayed.

Her mother is 90 something and a spit-fire. She's in fairly good health. I believe she's her daughter's best friend. At this age, you have good days and bad, right? Today she felt weak and strange, but she could be fine tomorrow. How is anyone to know?

All I knew to do was to hug my friend and coworker, and maybe I shouldn't have. When I'm ready to break, a hug just brings it on. I told her I would pray. She begged me to do so. Then I asked a few questions, learning her mother's symptoms. I offered to drive, but was turned down. She left after stealing another quick but thorough hug, and informing me that she was scared. I said, "I understand."


  1. i understand...and i meant it too

  2. no....the beer was in the cooler....


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