Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Shaggy Sand Piper

Somewhere in Florida here I come! My husband and I are blowin' this popsicle stand. My sister booked us a little green beach house in Florida. None of us are very sure where said beach house actually is, but who gives a darn? It might be in Ft. Walton. It might be in Destin. I don't really care at this point, as long as it's near a large salty body of water! I'm just going. This happy little thought will get me through the week. I feel all swimmy headed and warm whenever I ponder it.

My mother and sister are also going to be present, at some point during this trip. Most encounters involving these two women end in loudly proclaimed combinations of obscenities most have never heard. My husband so looks forward to this.:D He has anticipated everything that could, and most-likely will, go wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if, before we actually roll out of our driveway on Friday morning, he has a power point presentation put together on the subject!

Regardless, I love the ocean and I miss it terribly. This trip I even plan to see dolphins, find crabs at night via mini purple mag lite and coax my cowboy of a husband into the water. I usually let him off with just a dip in the pool, but not this time. I am living proof that one can live in Florida, swim in the ocean, and live to tell about it. Of course, I know I'll be lucky if he gets his feet wet. He's like a big shaggy sand piper.


  1. hehehe...the thought of Todd running from the waves like a sand piper will keep me happy all week!

  2. It might cause me to kill him, but you laugh it up. ♥♥♥

  3. I am really jealous right now...I love florida.

  4. Well, Matt...there's a pull-out sleeper sofa, if you don't mind sleeping in a housefull of strangers. ^__^


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